Slavic Circle is an organization which mostly deal with study and application of original indigenous knowledge of Slavic tribes. Our aim is a restoration of domestic tradition and return of lost spiritual heritage to our people. This spiritual science forms a deep base for our own culture and spirituality.

At presence all nations through the world have to face the destruction of nature, the one who is the source of life. Together with nature our ancestral cultures and rituals connecting us with the healing powers of nature are dying as well. And yet – till these days – it is exactly this culture, so called shamanic culture, which is preserving the secret of natural ceremonies and rituals of healing natural powers for a man as a single, or a tribe as a whole. In our country it is mostly Slavic culture which is the legacy of last ethnic group living in our land and which imprinted through long settlement its unique essence to the lands of Bohemia and Moravia.

Violent interruption of this tradition which has deep roots in Indo-European history threw people into the long period of political and religious totalitarianism. After so many years of progression we are having another chance to insight into our national history and to help ancient spirituality again to the light in its own original natural and deeply religious form which describes nature and universe through magnificent deities and beings personifying universal processes going on in our outer and inner world.

Our aim is to bring back whatever of ancient tradition of our ancestors can be restored and share it with general public. This rediscovery of traditional spiritual roots can help people of our land to find their lost soul which was suffering by totalitarian influence of various political movements and violent religious interference.

The core of our work is the research of various texts or unwritten sources, and examination of spiritual practices of local origin and also from other surrounding Slavic countries in order to capture the most accurate religious form, which was existing in Slavic culture. Following this form we can adapt it to the best possible way for present days, so it can be again a part of our lives and help us in our journey to inner transformation towards joyful and enlightened life enriched with our original ancestor culture.


What is the part and aim of our work?

Study of the Slavic history

Study of the Slavic mythology

Retrieval of the Slavic cosmology

Complete revitalization of the Slavic pantheon

Study and practice of domestic Slavic rituals

Restoration of origin sacred sites for rituals

Organization of ceremonies

Complete knowledge of Slavic rituals of the year

Restoration of Slavic Sun calendar

Study of altered consciousness technics used in Slavic tradition

Study of transition rituals

Study of Slavic traditions during birth, wedding and burial

Study of healing rituals and therapies

Study of Slavic sweat-lodge ritual

Study of local “herbs of power” rituals and herbal remedies

Support of education of children in the natural environment – so called “forest nurseries”

Support of home birth-giving as it was common in Slavic culture

Support of alternative medicine as a part of our domestic tradition

Study of original music and dance

Study of local folklore and quest for original elements of Slavic tradition

Study of natural Slavic sexual rituals

Cooperation with local universities and Slavic tradition experts

Organization of educational seminars

Organization of expeditions in order to study rituals of other Slavic cultures

Cooperation with ECER (European Congress of Ethnic Religion) in order to protect domestic traditions

Cooperation with other groups and organizations, creating of friendly environment for new development of our native tradition

Cooperation with other shamans and medicine men from other continents in order to create peace and friendship leading to mutual sharing of wisdom and experience


We work not only with our mind and intellect, but also with our heart and intuition, both based on mutual harmony and controlled by “common sense”.


What we are not:

Speaking about Slavic tribes in present days there are way too much contradictory informations and that is why we want to prevent any possible misunderstandings by this clear definition.

First we fully reserve ourselves against any connection with any organization dealing with nationalism of 2. world war. In any case we also do not belong to any organizations dealing with neopaganism, nationalism or any new-esoteric movements. The only thing we deal with is domestic natural tradition.

Unfortunately during the war the knowledge and symbols of Iranian-Slavic ethic group were misused by Adolf Hitler. This accident cast very dark shadow on original Slavic symbolism, which has its roots in Indian culture and through these symbols we were connected with this huge ethnic group. Especially for this reason and out of respect for the sad history in Europe we decided not to use this swastika, original symbol of Sun and movement of natural elements, but to use the symbols who were not misused and they are “clean” in the memory of our nation.

Last, but not least weakness of the Slavic tribe idea are the events of 1968 year when our country was occupied by Russian army and this caused another deep trauma persistent till nowadays. It is really pity, because especially the countries of former Soviet Union are real storehouse of Slavic (not only) shamanic cultures. This is the main reason we would like to declare our cooperation with Russia and other local nations in order to restore Slavic spiritual tradition and purify reputation of Russian Slavics in our republic as well. We believe that explained in this way even the older generation, who had lived in the year 1968, can accept our cooperation with Russia. We walk the journey of heart and peace, journey of our ancestors.

What else we are not? We are not another group with isolated dogmatic form of religion. Our work is constant progress and openness for new points of view. And because we stand (as we have to sincerely admit) in the beginning of our journey, it is and will be necessary to transform our newly discovered spiritual forms not only into the perfection and loyalty towards the ancestors, but also towards fulfilling our present needs.