On 19th December the Association (previously Civil Association) with the name SLAVIC CIRCLE was eshtablished.

Iniciators of establishment of organisation were Zdenek Ordelt and Marianna Gorronova. In September 2014 – after the call-up made by Zdenek Ordelt – people who were interested in participating in revival of indigenous traditions of our country had a meeting on Vysehrad – and since then the things have started to flow…

Slowly people gathered with the common intention to find, revive and bring back to life our original indigenous traditions. The organisation Inner Circle was established in order to prepare all what was needed for the formation of our organisation. The aim of our organisation is to be a good base for all domestic and international activities (including organising of conference ECER – European Congress of Ethnic Religions – in Prague in summer 2016)…

Zdenek Ordelt was voted the leader of the organisation, Marianna Gorronova was voted the deputy of the leader and Zdena Matousova Skalova was voted the cashier.

The highest authority of Slavic Circle is Inner Slavic Circle which is in charge of organising of administration and runs the activities, ceremonies, connections and meetings of all the people with the interest to revive the indigenous traditions.

You can see the profiles or the members of Inner Circle  HERE.

If you are interested in the activities of Slavic Circle in any way, if you would like to participate in ceremonies and workshops which we organise, if you would like to be informed about them or if you only harmonise with the aim of collective revival of our indigenous traditions and you want to show your support to us, you can become member of the organisation.