European Congress of Ethnic religions (later ECER) takes place every two years in one of the European countries. This year it was Prague and Slavic Circle became the organiser of this event. During 4 days 18 countries including about 90 participants met here. The countries were Czech republic, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, France, Italy, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, India and USA.

The first day was given to the presentation of the participants. Each group introduced itself, its status in its country, its traditions and festivals and gave a musical or video broadcast in order to support its presentation. In the evening all the participants gathered in an old restaurant and sang ceremonial as well as newly created songs in their language. The people sang together and used their musical instruments for it. We all have shared beautiful songs of all the cultures together. The evening was a very sucessful one.

The second day was started by a press conference. Deputy of Ministry of culture as well as social media like TV or reporters were invited and several interesting speeches were given by professionals. Focus laid on new discoveries in the field of heathenism, statistics and connection of theory with practice. The presence of polititians showed the harmony and sympathy with the idea of revival of traditions. The rest of the day was given to topic of how the groups practice their religion in their countries. This happened at Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University and students, academics and people interested were listening to more than 15 presentations in English language, simultaneously translated into Czech language. The day was finished by ceremony on Vysehrad, which topic was „Revival of indigenous tradition“. More than 100 people were on this ceremony led by Zdeněk Ordelt and every group got a chance to show its practice of greetings their gods.

On the third day the excursion to places of magic was done. During 15 years of organising of congress this was the first time that 2 buses were filled up with participants. With the help of our guide Jan Kroča participants visited Říp mountain, old oak in Peruc and Zkamenělý pastýř stone. By every of these monuments small rituals as well as interpretation of historical facts was given. Everybody was satisfied that all 3 places were fully experienced and nothing was hurried up.

The last day was a Congress day. Administrative topics as well as ideas of how to cooperate were discussed. Several countries have applied to be members of the Congress as association and 4 countries offered their help for organising the congress in 2018. The answer will be known soon.

From my point of view this was the most visited event during all the years of congress. Also two people with a great team have organised all of this and are ready for new challenges. Photos from the congress are being worked out and will be published soon. We are proud that we became the mediators of the information exchange and revival of our traditions not only in the Czech republic but elsewhere in the world. Thank you very much, our sponsors and everybody who helped us.


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