After years of researchments and gathering information about our Czech, Moravian and Silenzian original cultural and spiritual background, now with the help of EU fonds supporting educational projects, our organisation is opening a unique experimental kindergarten, based on our Slavic knowledge.

Our intension is to create a playful comfortable free space for our children where we could start reconnecting our future generations with the cultural heritage of out ancestors, based on the knowledge of the rhythms of our country. Inspired by both, the Waldorf and the Montessori methodics, we want to support a healthy growing of each character with its unique gifts and dispositions. The consciousness of being a self-confident part of the circle, of being a part of the big family, the tribe, and a part of our nature, at the same time. Following the ethical values of true humanity, which starts at kindness, sincerity, bravery, friendship, open heart and mind, knowing our roots created by the cultural and spiritual sources in our environment, so that we can became a stronger pillar for the rest of the global social circle, facing the challenges of our own civilisation.

Because we know the tree must be rooted well, to be able to grow into its fulfilment.



(Photos: Petr Hoffelner and “Ladenka”)









(Video: Ava Chrtkova Brozova, )