Happy Winter Solstice…

“Nice Winter Solstice and Christmas days – and all the best in the New Year…”

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Winter Solstice (Kračun), 21.12.2016

Winter Solstice (in Czech tradition “Kračun”) – 21.12.2016, Czech Republic, Prague, Slavic fortress Sarka – with Zdenek Ordelt, Katerina Truksova and Slavic Circle (Photos: Katerina Truksova + Zdenek Ordelt)

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Lithuanian Christmas Evening

Lithuanian Christmas Evening – 12.12.2016, Czech Republic, Prague – with Dasa Vanova and Slavic Circle   KOLEDY: Adventní koledy: 1. zásnubní – „Oi leliumai“ („Ach, koleda“) – 2. mytologická – „Vidury lauko“ („Vprostřed pole“) –  (i když … Continue reading

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The Day of Dead Ancestors (Návy), 31.10.2016

The Day of Dead Ancestors Ceremony (in Czech tradition called “Dušičky” or “Návy”) – 31.10.2016, Czech Republic, near Škvorec – with Zdenek Ordelt and Slavic Circle

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The tour to Stovykla

On the days of 10th to 15th August 2016 I went for a tour to Lithuania, where I had a possibility to spend several days in Stovykla village. It is a place where heathen group Romuva bought 5 houses in … Continue reading

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Autumn Equinox Feast (Hody), 22.9.2016

Autumn Equinox Feast Ceremony (in Czech tradition “Hody”) – 22.9.2016, Czech Republic, Prague, Slavic fortress Zámka – with Zdenek Ordelt, Marianna Gorronova and Slavic Circle (Photos: Eliska Vydrova)

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ECER 2016 – photos

European Congress of Ethnic Religions – 14th – 17th July 2016, Czech Republic, Prague (Photos: Blanka Svobodova, Petr Zmek, Nina Bukala and Movimento Tradizionale Romano) 1st day   2nd day Presentations Ceremony on Vysehrad fortress   3rd day   4th … Continue reading

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Slavic Gathering 2016 – photos

Slavic Gathering 2016 – 12th – 13th July 2016, Czech Republic, Prague (Photos: Blanka Svobodova) 1st day   2nd day Ceremony of representatives of Slavic gathering on Slavic fortress Sarka – VIDEO – VIDEO      

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ECER 2016, press conference + ceremony on Vysehrad fortress

“Sharing of ritual of European ethnic religions in Prague, ECER 2016” – Internet television “Cesty k sobe”      

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Slavic gathering 2016

Topic: “Rituals of transition by Slavs” “Slavic rituals and liminality” (MA Kamila Velkoborska, PhD)   “Rituals of transition in Czech lands” (Marianna Gorronova, Slavic Circle)   “Wedding according to Slavic traditions” (Zdenek Ordelt, Slavic Circle)   “Situation in Silesia” (Sona … Continue reading

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