Time of Harvest (Žně), 31.7.2016

Time of Harvest Ceremony (in Czech tradition called “Žně”) – 31.7.2016, Czech Republic, Jiřetín pod Jedlovou – with Marek Bednar and Slavic Circle Photos: Magdalena Cavi

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“Back to the roots – Heathenism and shamanism in Europe” – lectures timetable (15.7.2016, Prague, ECER)

  Back to the roots – lectures timetable 15.7. PDF      

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Invitation to the 15th European Congress of Ethnic Religions

Invitation to ECER.doc        

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Summer Solstice (Kupalo), 21.6.2016

Summer Solstice Ceremony (in Czech tradition called “Kupalo”) – 21.6.2016, Czech Republic, Nečín (near Příbram) – with Zdenek Ordelt, Marek Bednar and Slavic Circle Photos: Katarina Truksová + Dominika Muranská + Zdenek Ordelt

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The Night of Fires (Noc ohňů), 1.5.2016

The Night of Fires Ceremony (in Czech tradition called “Noc ohňů”) – 1.5.2016, Czech Republic, Prague, Slavic fortress Zámka – with Zdenek Ordelt, Marianna Gorronova? Marek Bednar and Slavic Circle

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Spring Equinox (Provoda), 20.3.2016

Spring Equinox Ceremony (in Czech tradition called “Provoda”) – 20.3.2016, Czech Republic, Litomerice, NPP Bile strane – with Marek Bednar and Slavic Circle GALLERY:

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In the Steps of Our Ancestors – Devin, Prokop´s and Dalej´s valley, Slavic fortress Butovice (19.3.2016)

Trip to Devin, Prokop´s and Dalej´s valley and Slavic fortress Butovice, with Slavic Circle – 19.3.2016, Czech Republic, Prague PHOTOS: GALLERY – Church of St. Phillip and Jacob on Zlichov (Prague, Czech Republic) GALLERY – natural monument of Ctirad … Continue reading

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In the Steps of Our Ancestors – Divoka Sarka Valley (20.2.2016)

Trip to Slavonic fortress Šárka, with the members of Slavic Circle – 20.2.2016, Czech Republic, Prague, Slavonic fortess Šárka (Divoká Šárka)  

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Candlemas (Hromnice), 2.2.2016

The Veles celebration of our ancestors – Candlemas – 2.2.2016, Czech Republic, Prague, NPP Požáry (State natural monument Pozary) – with Marek Bednar and Slavic Circle Photos: Blanka Svobodova

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Regular events in 2016

CEREMONIES IN 2016 : Tuesday 2nd February – Candlemas (Hromnice) Sunday 20th March – Spring Equinox (Provoda) Sunday 1st May – The Night of Fires (Noc ohňů) Tuesday 21st June – Summer Solstice (Kupadla) Monday 1st August – Time of … Continue reading

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